Thursday, March 17, 2005

Brief rant

Damn friggin Harriers! GAAHHH! What are they thinking!?!? Turning up their jets at 2 in the stinking morning!!!! Outside my window!! I was thinking definite evil thoughts and after going over said thoughts this morning I think I’ll just keep them in my imagination and not on the blog. (heh)

Obviously, I started out the day fairly tired but other then that rude awakening, I had a great day. Went down to the phone center to call Tragic, which is always cheers me up. Then while waiting in line at the internet café, ran into some of the Marines from my old unit and we went out to lunch. At the chow hall, I ended up playing musical chairs, would be sitting at one table when another group of my guys would call me over. I can honestly say it was pure pleasure seeing them all. The food was crappy but it was the best lunch I've had out here.

Got back to my office and moved out the rest of our gear. Our job is almost done, whew! Now I can sit back and listen to some tunes and vegetate. My brain is dead from lack of sleep. Sorry about the short and totally uninteresting blog post. I’m hitting the sack. Take care everyone!

Another Cool Milblogger that I picked up from Grayhawk

Blog Machine City check out his post about the flood, funny and how true! He also does a great gear guild for the average REMF, lots of good reading here. He's been blogging as long as I have and this is the first I've heard of him. Linked!

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