Sunday, January 09, 2011

You know your Famous when...

...Someone impersonates you on Facebook. The other day, I got a friends request from a someone who shared no friends with me there. So I did the normal thing, sent her an email asking did I know her? Took a look at her profile and saw that she had a post that said, "Jean and Sean Dustman are now friend", huh? I didn't accept her friends request! So I clicked on Sean Dustman and found my picture which was taken in the Coffee Shop at the Hotel St. Michael in Prescott AZ, I was helping a friend with some computer stuff. I didn't realize that I worked at the U.S. Army or studied at California State University, Northridge (if so, I want those credits!) Obviously this evil twin has different tastes then me, his music, blah, books, alright, I admit, I did like the Da Vinci Code and Transformers was cool but who hates the Transformers?

I put a complaint into Facebook last week using the "Report/Block This Person", then clicking on "Fake Profile" and on the draw down menu "Impersonating me or someone I know" and typing in my name. There is a new law in California that Criminalize's Online Impersonations which was really a step at taking out the cyberbullying that goes on online. Not that I feel bullied but it does bother me that someone is using my name and image to pick up on girls (all 8 of his friends are females from the Phillipines). Next thing I know, one of them is going to be coming after me for child support!

This guy doesn't seem to be defrauding anyone like in this story, but if any of my readers her get strange request from me, it probably wasn't and I'm fairly easy to get a hold of even though I haven't been blogging as much lately.