Saturday, April 17, 2004

update on life

Life has been heating up for being a CASEVAC Corpsman, I hear the Corpsman at the forward operating bases are seeing quite a bit of action. Me I've been playing electrician to the unit (since today I'm not at a forward operating base right now). We wired up the tents to a generator and wired up all the shops to a switch that goes to another generator in case of power loss. The start of my hitch as electrician happened when I wired the lights and plugs to my new work space. Then the base started moving out all the tents in our area except for ours, taking the huge generator that was powering them in the process. No warning to the people that were living there, we just went without power until acquired the generator and me and Sgt C wired it up. It hasn't gotten really hot out here yet but we have night crew that sleeps all day. 90 degrees isn't that bad but it does make it hard to sleep. So that has been my life, haven't had much time to get on the internet.

Care Package thanks
If you have a loved one out here, send them a solar shower. We've lately ran into some water problems and people have been taking showers by holding bottled water over their heads, it's wasteful and cold. Yet with a solar shower, it uses less water and you get a hot shower. You know who you are that sent it to me, thanks! And thanks MEW! She sent my unit 4 huge care packages, over a hundred dollars in just postage! The package's contents have been handed out to my Marines and they all wanted me to pass my thanks. Chad from Wake Island sent me a huge package full of baby wipes, q-tips and insect repelling sun screen, very big thanks too. If you're sending something my way and leave an email address (I'm horrible at snail mail) I'll be happy to send emails in your direction. These packages mean the world to my guys, just to know there's someone out there that cares.