Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Unscheduled Milblog meet up

I’ve been corresponding with Da Goddess off and on for a couple of months and we’ve constantly been saying to each other, “we need to meet up and have a beer.” Yesterday she says “How's Tuesday sound for dinner?”

“Sounds pretty good, my fiancée is pulling into town this afternoon”

She adds that the world famous Smash’s will be joining us and I dropped an invite to Kevin from Primary Main Objective. Suddenly we have a mini blog meet.

Dinner went good, we talked over how much milblogging had changed since OIF I and they were the cutting edge of military blogging (not that they still aren’t). They’ve all met before and I’m a new comer down here and you can see some of their conservations carrying on from prior conservations, we talked about cameras, politics, books, Australia (my cousin Greene is visiting from Darwin) and our military deployments. Good dinner nice company, my take?

Scott was just like I imagined him being, after reading someone for a couple of years, you pick up a bit on who they are, very nice guy. Mrs. Smash was supremely charming and quite the knock out, Smash did very well. Some of our reading tastes overlap and her back brace looks like something Xenia should wear. A Celtic paint job would have done it justice;-) Kevin drives a sports car that looks to be a total babe magnate and has the same camera as me. Da Goddess was really nice and her son was well behaved. She’s also a reader of some note, we’ll have to continue our book conservation on a later date. I have a feeling that there will be another blog meet up in the future.

Thanks for coming!

San Diego Bloggers

pictures by Sean

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