Thursday, August 24, 2006


   Twice a year, the powers that be in the Navy come out with a Bibliography of the material you need to study for the bi annual advancement test to get promoted to the next rank up the ladder.  Each bib is specific towards the rate rank of test you are taking and tells you exactly what information you need to study, chapters, instructions, workbooks, manuals, etc.


   The exam I'm currently studying for is the HM1, E-6 exam.  After finishing up my FMF warfare device and my brain was still in the study mode so I picked a manual out at random and started reading.  Over the past couple of weeks I've literally read 1500 or so pages and my brain was starting to ache and my eyes get blurry trying to memorize this supremely dry material.  

   I needed a break so I decided to figure out how much we were actually studying, I'm a number type of guy and I'm good at laying down figures and stats.  So I pulled up every piece of information that the bib said we should know about and added it all up.  Five thousand four hundred and forty four pages.   Egad!   5444 minus 1500= 3944 divided by 15 days till the exam, each day I need to read 263 pages of adult Snoppy language and let it sink into my noggin.   Bleh.     
   So if I disappear for the next few weeks, it's unlikely that I've been blown to smithereens, I might wish that I had every once in a while but it probably didn't happen.  And if I am here, it's because I'm using the blog as a release from scholastic tension.

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