Saturday, November 04, 2006

Walking the Line

Watching the wave of political attack ads showing up, it makes me glad to have mailed in my ballot weeks ago so I didn’t let any of these angry people sway my vote one way or another. Being a middle of the road guy and seeing everything around me become polarized it’s hard to find a middle ground without stepping on the toes of everybody I know. Following the flock of the left or right doesn’t seem to be the answer anymore and I think sometime soon there’s going to be a political shake up of voters becoming tired of for or against politics. The problem with our political system is there is more then 2 paths to a solution and if you don’t agree with one of the choices that the politicians offer then the only choice you have as an individual is to not vote or choose the lesser of two evils. It also scares me that religion is taking a larger part in our politics when we are a nation established on religious freedom. It’s no wonder that many people are feeling a disenchantment with voting. Where the final four or fantasy football is more important then who’s thumb is on the red button. How can we decide on who’s going to lead us in the middle of a war when all of the politicians are arguing about issues such as stem cell research and abortion rights, what in the hell do those issues have to do with how we deal with the world at large?

The only people who are heard are the extremists screaming with the loudest voice or the politicians who have been taken down because of some scandal. You want to take over the news? Be a cute blonde young innocent Caucasian girl and disappear for a while or be killed in a mysterious way. This doesn’t say much about us as a nation.

As usual in life there is not a good answer.

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