Thursday, September 06, 2007

Roadtripping with the Tool Box

I got the tool box loaded up only to realize I had no idea where most of my straps were so I went out and bought another 7. Just to be safe. Had to take the tailgate of the truck off because the ramp wouldn’t fit, I could have put the ramp on top but that would have acted like sail and I would have needed even more tie downs

(I had more tie downs then this when I actually left!!)

I left around noon and traffic was actually smooth leaving San Diego and going through Riverside the in Banning, the heavens opened up. I haven’t seen rain in almost a year and ran smack into some kind of microburst, I hit the water and went from doing 70 to an immediate 35 miles per hour, like doing a belly flop into a pool.

My tool box!

Fifteen minutes later, the rain was gone but I could see thunder clouds covering the horizon. I pulled over and opened the box up and no water had got in. Guess the blanket separating the ramp from the drawers was also keeping the water out. I went though 2 more thunderstorms on the way home and a twisty ride up a very curvy road.
(pictures of thunder clouds)

Spooky, but the tool box and I arrived safe and sound and unloaded the tool box with a minimum amount of effort (thanks to the handy-dandy ramp).

Had a great time in Arizona, saw more friends then I can shake a stick at. Thanks for being there; (in order of appearance) Larry, Jennifer, Alec, Kevin, Some Soldiers Mom, Noah, Ronnie, Tammie, Molly, Jason, Debbie, Shannon, Narissa, Nathan, Aimee and Darlene, also my mom, Albert, Sarah, Dad, Diane and Aunt Lynda. You guys give me a great place to ground myself out when I need it. Thanks, I really did need it this time around.

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