Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I was in the hospital

and my cell phone doesn't like playing with blogspot so I posted over at MySpace, have a larger post on my laptop but here is what I wrote from a small cell keyboard. Oh, I'm back home in San Diego, thank you Bethanie and Terri, two great nurses at the Yuma hospital for making my 4 day stay somewhat enjoyable. I'm out now and we never really did figure out why I was coughing up a cup of blood a day, just stopped bleeding one day. Hopefully it doesn't come back.

December 17, 2007 - Monday
I'm in the hospital
for coughing up blood over the past week. Maybe the years of hard living have caught up with me. No it wasn't that, I had a cold and the coughing most likely broke a vessel in my lungs. I came to the ER because I had coughed up a cup or so of blood in the space of a morning. By the way, this is the first blog post that I've made from my cell phone! Since Sat they have taken 20 or so tubes of blood with new samples drawn with new sticks every 4 hours, EKG's, X-rays and yesterday a CT Scan. My body did not like the dye one bit, they injected me and I turned hot and instantly wanted to hurl. CT's are for the birds. Anyhow other then coughing up blood I'm doing fine, they're planning on sticking a camera into my lungs and believe me, it doesn't sound sound like fun. Sorry about the typos if there are any I can only see 3 lines at a time and don't have spell check. Merry Christmas in case I keel over or some such thing, hopefully I get out of here before Christmas. A larger post on the laptop.

December 18, 2007 - Tuesday
Survived my Bronchscopy
and am still kicking despite being rather stoned, going to sleep now and stop worrying:-P
(side note, took them up on their offer for Morphine)
Might be out tomorrow
which doesn't mean I'm in the clear but it that I'm probably not going to bleed out. I went through a proceedure called a bronchscopy this morning, was up late last night reading because I thought that they would be scoping me before lunch but was woken up at 5:45 by the nurse saying that they were ready. Huh? So they took me down, brought in an X-Ray machine that looked like a c-clamp, the doctor came in and I was talking to the nurse when...... everyone except for the nurse disappeared and my throat was sore. Had I been abducted? They wheeled me back to my room and I took them up on the morphine they had been offering me all week. Whoowhee! Well I just got a 4mg shot of the stuff so I'm going to end this before I start getting wacky, have a good night everyone and thanks for the support.

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