Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Have I said thank you?

As usual, I’ve had a team of great people sending me care packages and they are being welcomed with open arms. Thank you, specially Soldiers Angels!

Sorry with the slackness of my blogging, the other half of my team has a rather high tempo look on life and likes that in the work environment. Believe me, my time spent here has been more productive then most periods in my life and I’m known for working my butt off for a project. I’m a little worn out but it’s a good worn out.

Hopefully the end product is as good as the work I’m putting into it. I’m actually doing something that takes advantage of my 4 trips out here at all levels with the typing of this SOP. With each page I type, I open up another can of worms and questions that I have to answer. Hard questions are becoming routine and impossible just take a bit of patience. I’m probably the best candidate for doing this out of anyone I know.

On the war front there isn’t much to say, other then training my guys haven’t seen a single live round, just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping the hostiles don’t start jumping out of a sand dunes.

Everybody is getting into their training routine, the martial arts classes are starting and I’ve taken loads of pictures and videos. My own training is 3 abdominal classes per week and some cardio mixed in. As usual with PT, I’m a late bloomer but I’m sure that won’t stick once I finish this project.

I’m missing home but in some respects, this war has become my other home. Thank you for the support everyone.
PS have I mentioned that I totally love the new Foo Fighters album Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace? It rocks!

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