Sunday, November 09, 2008

The worst sound ever

I drove up to San Jose last Friday and one of my ways to pass time on long cross country drives is to catch up on friends on the phone. Why waste all of that time. I was on the phone with Wendy from Chromed Curses when I suddenly hear a squeal though the phone and a crash and she says, “I gotta go, someone just rear ended me!”, I said “Bye!”.

A couple of hours later, I call her to make sure she’s alright and she is, the bumper on her PT Cruiser is toast but she able to drive away. She was stopped behind two other people and a lady in a black truck plowed into her rear end but she tells it better then me over at her place.

It’s always been one of my fears talking to someone driving hearing them get into an accident and now I have. Just glad it wasn’t worse.

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