Monday, May 04, 2009

Goodbye San Diego

I checked out of Third Marine Air Wing last Friday and will be checking into VFA-125 out of Lemoore (orders change, from a sea duty squadron to a training squadron). 4 years and a couple of months at Miramar including many adventures documented on this blog but its time to move on. The last time I was with that Navy unit was in 1999, the move is going to be a pretty big shift in my way of thinking. I’ve already dropped 600 dollars on new uniforms. I’m going to miss being on the green side, specially the friends I’ve made. Here is the latest snapshot of the crew I worked with out of Miramar.

And the second picture is of my local blogging support group, this might be the last time we’re all together in one place. Since I’m on leave hanging and my wife’s the one going to school this week, it will give me a chance to fix the links on the right and update my blog a bit. I was going through a period of backing away from my internet life and shrinking my presence in the cyber sphere into smaller bite sized portions. I was all over the internet and it was getting a bit out of control, turning. Just keeping up with all of my accounts was turning into a full time job and there were a lot of things I still wanted to do with my time. I think the forced separation worked, I’m not feeling the with drawls anymore but needed to step out of the shadows before not blogging became another habit.

Currently I’m on leave for most of the month of May, I’m staying in NorCal till the 11th then heading to Arizona to spend time with my family.

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