Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Soon to be a Second Class Sprint Citizen

I’ve been a happy Sprint customer for years, even though every time I go to my home town of Prescott AZ, until a couple months ago, they didn’t even have 3g service. Being such a good customer I was eligible for the Sprint Premier program with let me upgrade my primary device every 12 months and it was just recently that they got any devices that challenged the other networks.

12 months roll around, if there was a decent device, I would upgrade. Starting April 1st, the Premier program turns into a Gold and Silver Sprint Premier tiered program. Gold, stays the same, upgrade each year, Silver, you can upgrade after 22 months. For my demographic with a shared plan at 149ish a month, I fall into the middle of the Silver plan and the only way to get to Gold is to up my bill over the 169.99 hump. As of today, I’m eligible for an upgrade but if I wait till next month, I’ll have to wait an additional 9 months. If you’re a Sprint customer and are interested in all of the numbers and facts, go here.

So my hand is forced. With much arm twisting, I am the owner of a very sleek Samsung Epic. I’m justifying this because my Samsung Moment tended to lock up and crash whenever I was trying to do something important and honestly say, Sprint made me do it. Still a bit urked about the two tier system, I like the fact that Sprint was always the cheaper choice, while I’m glad that I fell into that window, I feel bad for all of the folk who didn’t.

Now, hopefully Sprint doesn’t take away my Premier card because I posted this but someone had to say it.

Also, I'm a little worried about the news story about Sprint might be switching to LTE instead of Wimax considering I just picked up a 4g phone and I'll be stuck with it an extra 10 months (not that I have 4g in Lemoore but still..)

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