Sunday, April 03, 2011

A photo shoot with Fall of a Tyrant

A while back (months and months), one of my buddies told me to come and check out his band, being an average person of this internet age. I went to the bands website and was appalled by what I found. The pictures sucked (really, they did) and that they sucked so bad that I offered my photography services for free of charge to fix the problem, perhaps even shoot a video for them (my ulterior motives were to add on to my portfolio, perhaps other bands who had crappy websites would come forward to ask for pictures after seeing what I did for these guys). So last while I was off in Key West last month, I get a text message from Jason (lead singer of Fall of a Tyrant) asking if I could come out when I came back and take some pictures. Being the middle of the night, I texted him back to remind me when I was awake. So with the bride in tow, we went out to Club Retro in Fresno, an all ages non-profit music venue. We arrived and got permission from the powers to take pictures and below is a sample of what I came up with and a link to my Flickr Set. The band did a great show and I hope my pictures and video reflect that.

Pictures were shot with the Canon 7d, video with the trusty Iraqi Canon S3. I would have done the video with the 7d but the DSLR works better under scripted settings and I need a computer with more punch to edit the high def video.

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