Saturday, September 10, 2011


A few snap shots of what September 11th means from friends in blogland what I really found out in this search?  That many of my old blogging links are dead or haven't blogged in years.  I deleted a bunch of links and need to move some around it looks like.  This is what happens when real life intrudes in your cyber life.  I've decided to leave the blogs up of those who posted in Iraq but quit when they got home but here is the stories I found about 9/11...

Before Some Soldier's Mom went to Prescott, she was there, Drunken Wisdom remembers Rahma Salie, MaryAnn remembers, Taco answers his daughter and this is from One Marines View.  

Fixing my links took an hour and a half but looking through them, not many of my old friends writing about it.

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