Sunday, May 27, 2012

Transferring from NAS Lemoore to NAS Whidbey Island

I finished up our housing inspection on Friday and over the last two days, have just worked on catching my breath.  Every time we move, we seem to have a more gear then the last time we moved.  The bride just graduated out of San Jose State with her Masters in History and most people can not imagine how many books that is, well I can, it's about equal to the amount of books I had sitting around the house before  her stack was added.  Over the last month, we've felt like we're filming an episode of hoarders, not much fun.  

Things that have happened over the last month, I finished my tattoo

The quote I attached to this when I posted it on Facebook, "This is my lighthearted look at TEOTWAWKI, in flame or flood. The Phoenix because at heart, I'm a comic book geek, I'm from Arizona and I've always had dreams of bursting into flame. The water because my earliest memory was being pulled out of a pool by my hair, I've always loved the mystery of underwater cities, the bridge is memories of Key West, the fire like a sunrise that sets the sky alight and the ocean ruled by robot fish because I could. Thanks Meghan Ortiz, the both of us are going to miss how you could turn our visions into art."

We planned out our trip to Washington taking the long slow route up the 1 driving 50 to 200 miles a day in Neil (my battered Toyota Tacoma with 270 thousand miles on it, named Neil because he's been to the moon (220,000 miles away) and working on the trip back).  The wife has every place we're staying reserved and I plan on taking a lot of pictures.  

Remember what this weekend is about, its for remembering those people who gave it all for a cause they believed in and that sacrifice should not be taken lightly.  This weekend, I'm remembering my friend Mark Lawrence, who died on January 10th and was an Army SSG stationed out of Fort Bragg.  The reason I'm remembering him is because I have not seen a single story out about his death in the news and as far as the world goes, he's been forgotten.  But not by me nor by his family.  He worked in the Wounded Warrior Battalion and his death was ruled a suicide, he was also worked with Army SSG Joshua Eisehouer, who was involved in a police shootout on January 14th, I'm not sure if these are connected but I haven't found anything online about it.  


Nerdstar said...

Whidby Island is beautiful! Have a great PCS up there!

Unknown said...

Thanks Nerdstar!