Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years have passed..

The wife and I are glued to the History Channel as the events of that day are played through from hundreds of different angles and viewpoints and even now, more than a decade later how unreal it seems, we are watching that unfurl on TV.  I’m not going to rehash what I was doing back then, those memories have already seen the light of day and are living in my archives.  I’m going to look at what has happened since then.  At that time I was a mechanic at the low end of the pay scale, single, struggling and then, in the space of a smoky morning, I had direction and goals.  On a terrible day, my life took a turn for the better, I found my calling back in skills that I had shelved and in pursuing that new life, I found that I liked taking pictures, writing and eventually, the strange girl of my dream.  Now, 11 years down the road, I’m 2 years out from a retirement, I have friends all over the world. 

So instead of mourning this year, which is hard watching what we are watching, I’m going to celebrate and be thankful for what I have now.   My wife, my friends and my family and the fact that we all made it to the other side.   I haven’t forgotten but do believe we’ve punished those who were responsible, chasing them all over the globe and when they poked their head out from under a rock, squashed them like a bug and now the biggest bug is dead.  Now it’s time to heal and close some of those wounds and go back to being the land of the free.  Get back to being healthy and happy, I don’t know about you, I’m a bit weary about being a nation suffering from PTSD and I’m sure winning hearts and minds only lasts for so long. 

Crap, this blog post is hard to write while I’m watching people jump out of buildings and people screaming.  Anyway, I’m glad we got the main asshat responsible for this.  I’ll never forget but I was raised by a bunch of forgivers, I have no problem forgiving the dead.


Unknown said...

I'm glad you wrote this,Sean. I,too, have come to look at that terrible day as being directly responsible for many later blessings in my life.
When some people say 'Never forget', I believe they mean never forget the horror of that day, or never forget the anger at those who perpetrated it.
I have come to feel that it means to Never Forget the lives lost then, and in the years of war since then.
I still receive updates from the Legacy page of the first 9/11 victim I posted a tribute to, and every time a new baby is born into the family, they post pictures on the page. And I think that's such a beautiful way for them to say, we miss you, we love you, and we are sharing with you each new life that you never had a chance to see come into the world.

Anonymous said...

Never forget? But how can you remember, when what you were told is a gigantic lie? You are ignorant of the true facts of 9/11. It is 2012. There is no excuse for ignorance. It is not as if the information is not available to you. It has been available on the Web for ten years! 9/11 was not done by Muslims. Elements within the US Government and the Israeli Government orchestrated this false-flag attack. Military responders were lured away by simultaneous drills with the same scenario of hijacked jets, far away from the actual planes, which were hijacked by remote control. Dov Zakheim, an Israeli dual-citizen, now Romney's top advisor, was the Comptroller of the Pentagon during 9/11, and also an executive of Systems Planning Corp., of Reston, VA, which makes remote control flight termination systems for missiles and aircraft. Zakheim was on TV one day before 9/11 to announce that the Pentagon could not account for 2.3 trillion dollars of missing money. Jet fuel can't burn hot enough to bring down the towers - something else did. Google Richard Gage. Architects and engineers have proven the official story, from NIST, to be a total fraud. "We" didn't get the "asshat" - he 1) had nothing to do with 9/11, except as a patsy, 2) was visited in August 2001 in an American hospital in Dubai, by CIA officials, and 3) died in December 2001 of kidney failure from Marfan syndrome. Israeli operatives were seen rejoicing in Weehawken upon seeing the burning towers. They were deported back to Israel by Michael Chertoff, another Israeli dual-citizen, who became the Director of Homeland Security shortly thereafter. Real estate magnate Larry Silverstein purchased the WTC Complex two months before the event. He admitted to PBS that Building 7, a 47 story building, was "pulled" at 5:20 pm that day. It came down in 6 seconds, straight down into its own footprint. It was not hit by a plane. It had the SEC records of the Enron scandal in it. It also had Rudy Giuliani's Office of Counterterrorism in it. Jane Standley of BBC World reported on its collapse almost half an hour too early. She was reading a script, and didn't realize the building was still standing behind her in the shot. But you probably won't even read this far, because you are comfortable in your ignorance. You can "never forget" all you like, but all you are really saying is that you will never understand.

TruthRevealed said...

Never forget that the media is bought and paid for. They report what their told. Our perceptions are managed by these reporters that just read a script. We have been lied to about 911. We were lied to about Oklahoma city bombing. Were were lied to about the Gulf of Tonkin. We were lied to about weapons of mass destruction.

It's time to be a critical thinker. Question everything. Look into everything for yourself. Don't believe things. KNOW THEM.