Friday, January 30, 2004

Day one of Doc in the Box

Alright I'm here and have started a regular Blog. I love my fotopage but people in the blogsphere have been egging me to start a regular Blog. What? Do they think my pictures tarnish my writing? Not that I'm a great writer or anything, maybe I'm using this as something separate from my public fotopage that the entire word checks out, maybe a new place to vent....

Back to my story, my unit is gearing up to head out to Iraq and I'm in the process of giving all of my Marines their immunizations, physicals, making sure their well trained or disqualified with the help of my trusty underlings and Doc. Work has been pure craziness; I've spent the last couple of weeks in Yuma doing CASEVAC training, some intense stuff if you had never done it before. I've already had my trial by fire in Trinidad and everything just fell into place. Came back to a stripped office with filled with new help, took a day or two to regain my wind and then back to the grind of pooping out paperwork. Million things flying at me at once and know what? I love this shit sometimes, everyone is wigging a bit and I'm the eye of the storm. Maybe I'm not so bad at this, it's a new kind of high, and I feed off the chaos and emotions flying and sooth everybody at the same time. My doc is the bomb, we connect across the room and the other corpsman become our minions that we send off to do our bidding. Each project done is made like painting stroke by stroke, no harsh lines and then all marks made come together in a whole. Everybody is finding their own nitch, Chris is great at making sense of the paperwork we throw at him and is gung-ho for any mission thrown his way. Yeah he's a little stressed but only when he not doing anything constructive, so I make cool constructive things to do that take his mind off the stress. Bell I works well in small groups banter back and forth, names, data and numbers, we fly as a team. I get her focused and the world goes away. Doc needs no directions at all from me except make sure all of the paperwork is filled out right on my end. We've worked so long together that we think the same on many of the same levels and can see the big picture. I can say things are smoothing out and I'd like to say that I have something to do with that.
My thoughts on my little trip? Well I would like to say I'm scared but that wouldn't be telling the full story. I've been an adrenaline junky all of my life and for the last two years and some change, I've spent being a paper pusher. In the days of the past when I don't have a crew to work I was sick to death of paperwork, not that I'm bad at it, but it was slowly driving me crazy. Now looks like I'm going to get a change and a chance to use some of this expensive medical training I've received. There is a little bit of nervousness about all the CASEVAC helicopters being shot down but I figure I've lived a good life and if my number comes due the guess it was meant to be. As far as being damaged by what I'll experience over there? Well I have better outlets then the average Joe I hope and a great support network through my Marines and friends. I'm going over there with a great bunch of guys that I fully trust. Well my brain is still fried from all the paperwork I've been doing so that's all for tonight, check back in when I'm over there and for I'll surely have some great tales to tell. Peace out and to all my friends, much love.