Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm about to hit 30 thousand!

I've updated some of the links on the side, some new milbloggers added, some of the folk that comment on a regular basis and some new people that I have discovered lately. Just a quick post during the lunch break. Some of the blogger's that I follow are maturing into quality writers that I'm proud to say that I was there since the beginning. You might have noticed that I try taking a balanced look at the political spectrum. It's hard to judge the big picture if you can't look at all sides of the debate. So if you're on the far left or right, don't judge me by my links, everyone on my sidebar is there for a reason. Blinding yourself to what the other half sees doesn't help your cause, just as there is not always one answer. I don't state ideology because it's fluid. I'm an independent by choice and try keeping my eyes open to everything that is out there. Thanks everyone for staying with me for this journey.

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