Thursday, September 16, 2004

Something odd I've noticed and my planned trip

Any body notice as your surfing around blogs that there are some words underlined? Like the Network on my links? Any ideas? Some virus floating about, What about the the in Rather? Something odd going about.

I'm going on leave to Arizona next week sometime, going to do a bit of healthily slave labor at my mom's restaurant in northern Arizona. She's ready to move on to her next business venture after being in that restaurant for the last 10 years. If any of my readers are interested in opening their own Bed and Breakfast/country store on Route 66, she's selling it for a song. My mom is one of those folk that has to leave everything she touches better then it was when she got it. The restaurant is a classic sign of this disease (it's a sickness to me because I was usually caught doing a fair share of the work). When she bought the place it was a basic large warehouse/garage with a couple of shelves on one side for a dinky store. Since then, she has added a kitchen, a bunch of fridges, more shelves, remodeled everywhere, built an apartment upstairs, added two showers, 10 thousand dollars of hoods over the stoves, a rental gift shop out front.... You get the picture? She's never happy unless she's doing some sort of backbreaking labor, unlike normal sane people that plan these things out, each one of those ideas started out with "what do you think of this?..." The thinking side of my brain would say it's time to run but my big mouth would say, "hmmm, that might work". These small sounding projects always ended up taking up more time then they should but as the loyal son looking back after all the sore muscles healed I'm glad I was there to help.

I can't help thinking that she's selling the place because she's running out of improvements to do and it's probably making her antsy so she wants to punish herself (and me and my stepdad) and start on something new. Alas, sure to be more work for yours truly.

As for my day job, currently trying to get everything back in order before the main body of my unit is due to arrive. Wading through oceans of paperwork, guess that nice 6 month vacation is done, sigh!

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