Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Nothing interesting today

Spent the morning verifying health records and entering data in the computer; always a great joy. My afternoon was much better, visited everybody while reading PPD's. It's nice to get out of the cave every once and a while. Other then being away from home, being in Iraq was much better then the piles of paperwork I go through here. I'm not kidding! My partner in crime from the other squadron, Smitty, is wondering what he got in to. We're not even sure who's going with them next time they go out because both of the reserve corpsmen that went with us are getting out. It's a mystery. I'm also leaving in December to Mira Mar. I'll miss the people here but not the job, it's a lot of weight for one person to handle, sometimes I think too much.

Other news, I confirmed a gig photographing the Marine Corps Ball in November. So I spent tonight trolling the internet for expensive lighting gear. This hobby is getting expensive!
While everyone is focused on last nights debate, I found this other bit of news interesting, I though I had heard it all. Sucks to be this guy.

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