Sunday, November 14, 2004

Just the two of us

No drama, no politics, a great weekend spent with my son Collin, the two of us out in search of adventure. Didn't find it but spent some good quality time together. I have him every other weekend, half of the summer and half of Christmas break. My relationship with his mom has been improving and has finally smoothed out and we're back to treating each other like friends. Five years ago, I would have wondered if it was possible, now it's just a taken. Not to say we have our rough days but I like getting along much more then the fighting.

If they (her, her new husband or Collin) ever need something, I'm there.

My mom has been asking me to go to Thailand with her for years and this year I finally gave in and said "Okay buy me a ticket!" Lot's of arm twisting involved with me taking her up on it. This year for once it sounded like a swell plan, hang out at the beach and relax for a few weeks. Get my mind off the stress that has been flowing like a river around here and be mentally prepared for starting a new life down in San Diego. Hope you all had a great weekend!

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