Saturday, November 27, 2004

Thanksgiving in Arizona

I guess my mom wasn't kidding when she said they had been having some rough weather. I drove through the mountains after Kingman and there was snow covering the hillsides, as I reached the other side, moon light was reflecting off the pools of standing water. At least the skies were clear.

Made it safe and sound without any major problems. I'm not going to write about the ones I had because they're embarrassing because they were problems I knew about. Lets just say I made it and went directly to sleep.

Spent Thanksgiving day serving customers my mom's Thanksgiving special but the load was less then half of the usual. You have to understand, most of the people that come for the dinner live out in the back country on 40 acre lots, very undeveloped areas with no paved roads for 20 to 50 miles in any direction. With all of this rain, it's likely that there were other things on their minds. So this made for a seriously mild day of much eating of the staff and I'm sure I'm going to be going home with a cooler full of food on Sunday.

I didn't spend all day lazing about, my mom had some correspondence that she needed typed up, letters to real estate brokers, a letter to the editorial department of the local paper complaining about all the bridges being washed (4 of them) in Paulden where she has another house (the only reason she's complaining is because she had to walk 3 miles though mud and railroad track to get to the highway and hitch a ride) that lead to her other house, confirmation info for hotels, flights and rental cars for our vacation to Thailand and labels printed up home baked products. Sounds like a lot, took maybe an hour and a half with her lurking over my shoulder with a wooden spoon (calm down Won), just kidding about the wooden spoon but not the time.

We closed earlier then usual and I went down to Won's to log on to the wireless internet that they have down there (and eat some more). Plus give her birthday present, some how she keeps getting older then me about this time of year. Sent the emails off to the car, hotel and airline people talked to her family for a while (except for her mom, who had locked her self in the bedroom with the flu, just yelled though the door to her). And went home, well tried to, I pulled out into her drive way and right into one of those lakes I saw the night before and sunk half a tire deep into mud, great.

I did the rocking thing, go forwards then back and nothing happened, damn it. Oh yeah, I have a four wheel drive, popped it into 4 wheel drive and was just about to step out and remembered that I have automatic locking hubs (I have hardly used the 4 wheel drive in the suburban, but in my prior truck it was a weekly basis and it had manual locking hubs). Stepped on the gas and pulled right out, was stuck for maybe 30 seconds. I will never talk bad about automatic locking hubs again, glad I didn't have to step in that crap.

I was pooped after all of that eating, so I crawled into bed and couldn't fall asleep. Ate too much. After seeming hours of tossing and turning everything finally fade...

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving out there, take care!

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