Monday, March 06, 2006

Busy Pre-Deployment Life

Sorry I haven’t been updating much lately, busy trying to squeeze as much life out of my last weeks here, both at home and at work. Speaking of which, busy busy busy, many shots to give, much blood to suck out of veins and bodies to examine. We’re getting all the blocks checked in our pre-deployment lectures and work ups. Rifle ranges, smelly gas chambers, power of attorneys and wills. Glasses need to be ordered, dog tags made and all of the records accounted for.

This is my third time doing this and even though there seem to be a million moving parts, it seems to be a fair bit easier each time I have to go through this. So no sweat. I have a strong wonderful wife backing me up, I’m married to the girl that dreams are made of. I couldn’t have picked a better wife who suits me to a T. I hate going away from her but I know after we met, nothing out there could compare and I have faith in what we have.

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