Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Kuwaiting for a bit

For the fifth time, I’m Kuwaiting till we make our move up north, not sure where I’m going to post this yet, for I am still sitting on the bus. Flew over here in an old 767, I’m used to flying Southwest and these were smaller seats then that. I had the distinct luck to find myself sitting between two large Marines and at each stop, I had to unpeel my self from the seat and stumble about without feeling in my legs for half an hour.

I’m with the same squadron as my last trip but an entirely new medical crew. Not flying CASEVAC this trip, letting the other two corpsman take the lead will I man the Leading Petty Officer position (flying the desk), I’ve flown enough my last two trips over.

This trip has been much more subdued then the prior ones, no crowds to see us off and we didn’t stop to see the huge support crowd in Maine. More then 2/3’s of the guys in my squadron have been over here before and there are 20 or so like me on their third trip. It’s odd to think that the business of war has become routine to many of us. It’s just another deployment with occasional bits of hostile fire and having to wear heavy body armor. Not to mention the lack of time off, alcohol, color or sex.

Dreamed of my wife on the way over, cupping the side of her face in my hand it seemed so real then I woke up and was cupping my piggy travel pillow (at least it wasn’t the guy next to me). I miss you hun and I’m very happy to have you in my dreams, be safe and I love you.


Had my first meal out here, steak and lobster and it was pretty good! Conditions have improved much since the last time I was here and it seems like a ghost town compared my prior trips, shorter lines and better service.

I've also gotten here in time to see the solar eclipse that's supposed to happen in a half hour or so. I’ll see what kind of filters I can dig up for my camera and post a few pictures (if they turn out that is).

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