Thursday, September 21, 2006

Myspace is taking over the world

   Yes, even I am a myspace user, I've noticed it as more of an enlisted phenomenon then an officer one, while almost all of our junior enlisted guys use it, I only know of 2 of our officers and they are fairly infrequent about it, one is described as a single computer geek and other officers think of him an aberration.  Walk around the internet café on any given day (or night) and you'll find 3 out of 4 computer screens showing a Myspace page open.  Ask the average 20 year old Marine what a blog is and they will say it's that button on Myspace (that most of them don't use), I only have a one of my Marines listed as a friend, most of them don't know I have a myspace (but for some reason everybody in my unit seems to know I have a blog, my guys know what a blog is!)  These kids aren't there to journal their lives or even tell a story, this is just a platform to network themselves out, meet girls and such (I already have a very lovely girl).  Gives them an outlet to touch someone outside of the wasteland that they are in.  I use mine a tool to keep in touch with friends from back in the day, school buddies, friends I've been stationed with and a few crossover ex regular bloggers who continue to blog but are doing it exclusively on myspace.   It's strange to think regular blogging has become a place where the elder generation is hanging out, I am getting old! 

   Myspace is the only place where you can find the group of buddies from high school or actually most of the people I hang out with in one place.  It's easier then calling, you leave you message there and they surf through, read it and leave a comment.  A very different vibe then my regular blog and I don't get near the readership that I get here (1600 over 2 years and it has mirrored this one for the past year)   People aren't going there to read blogs unless they were bloggers or blog readers before.   
   I'm probably one of the easiest people to find online, Google "dustman", I'm usually in the top 3, "sean dustman" and that me who takes up the top 30.   Yet I've had couple dozen people find me though myspace alone not using a search engine at all.  It's a sign things are changing.   For me it's just as easy to blog both places, I'm writing the same thing but I get a different reactions to what I write depending on where I post it.  Don't worry, Myspace is never going to take over this blog but it does offer me another demographic where I actually know most of the people in person who read my blog (where some people on myspace don't know anyone on their friends list in person.   So don't use me as the norm). 

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