Sunday, September 24, 2006

What’s happening October 6th?

It's a new season of Battlestar Galactica!  I'm not a fan of unintelligent TV.   Shows that make it to primetime should have well developed plots, smart characters and a storyline that sweeps you away.  Battlestar does a pretty good job at covering all of those points and at the same time the science works logically and is well thought out.   The show comes with its own world view and mythology which is rich and believable.  The characters are complex and multi-dimensional with many shades of gray, one days hero could be tomorrows alcoholic.  


The underlying theme that goes beyond the SciFi plot is that no matter how advanced we get we're still human and the humanity in this show shines.   Don't mistake shining to being moral or good, all of the bad stuff is in there too, it's dark, tough and gritty.  Even the good guys aren't that good.   Battlestar doesn't dull the edges, it challenges your views, logical arguments make you angry and opposing views are reasonable and well thought out, they make you believe both sides of whatever the characters are arguing.   It's like they have a writer for each character, there's a morals behind the character are their morals alone, somewhat like like real life.  If you are going to create your own universe, do a good job and make it as seamless as possible, they've done a great job.  I'm greatly cheered that it's being aired by the SciFi network and not Fox because it probably wouldn't have made it past the first season.  


If you've read my blog long enough, you'll remember what my wife and I say about Fox, "Where good television goes to die".

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