Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Corpsman at the bottom of the barral

This info came from, thanks Chief Crone

Did you know that HM advancement rates were in the bottom 6 of all rates this last cycle?

Here is the gouge on why:The issue is the POM 08 EPA (Enlisted Program Authorization). Each new EPA has 5 Fys in it. That EPA was approved just before we did the advancement numbers. In the new EPA was a reduction of 840 HM billets.

(stay with me, this can get confusing). N-12 RDML LaFevre makes recommendations to ADM Harvey(CNP) on what EPA to Advance to. That determination is made based on the checkbook, Advancement opportunity and the health of the force. They try to find a way to advance as many as possible without breaking the rate and the bank. We provided input on impact, numbers etc to him via his staff. This cycle HM1s were advanced to the 09 EPA, incidentally, that was the year HM1s took the biggest cut (173).HM2s were advanced to 08 EPA and HM3s to the 07 EPA.

Now, we advanced 50 to HM1, that's a 2% rate. The real need was 24 but we were able to get 2%, what we call a mercy quota. I am not a big fan of that because eventually that bill will come due.

Here's the bad news, we still have MRR and top 6 roll down coming.

The numbers may not be any better this spring. We will have to wait and see, it is much to early to tell at this point.

Clear as mud?

Thanks HMCS Collier

What does that mean for me? No matter how hard I studied, it was very unlikely that I would have been advanced.

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