Monday, June 18, 2007

The Shout House

Last Friday we went out to The Shout House with Josh and Brikkie. Brikkie’s getting out of the Navy and Josh invited us and several of their other friends to go an celebrate. If you haven’t heard of The Shout House, it’s a “dueling piano” bar, I’ve been to a few piano bars in my time but going into the Shout House was on another level altogether.

The premise of the place is this, someone requests a song by writing it down on a piece of paper along with a tip, the piano player that does the song best plays it using the other guy as back up and they get the crowd heavily involved. They call up people to sing, if they don’t see you singing, you get called out. It’s actually a lot more involved then that, the piano players are traded off every hour, during the trade off, the off going players play backup for a couple of songs with the drums and a bass guitar. Occasionally throughout the night, they call all of the wait staff to come up and do choreographed dances, the bartenders dance on the bar and if it’s your birthday, you can expect them to sing you happy birth day and make up a dirty song in your honor.

Definitely not a politically correct place, leave your politically correctness at the door and be prepared to rock your socks off. They did the favorite oldies but they also did songs like Akon’s “Shake That”, which turned out surprisingly good considering it was sung by a middle aged bald white guy. They also did Baby Got Back in where they called all of the women on the stage and my wife showed that the could shake it with the best. Good times.

(here's that picture)

If you want an unforgettable night in San Diego that is unlike anything you can imagine, The Shout House is the place for you. I would count last Friday night as one of the most fun in my life.

“You picked a fine time to leave me Lucile….”, after going, you’ll know the rest too.

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