Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Map of the San Diego Fire

(I had to take the regular map down because it was locking up the blog)

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(Thanks KPBS for putting this map together, it's the best one on the net)

Stayed the night in the comfy suburban, when I was in Iraq, I missed sleeping in the beast. The fire isn't to my place yet (I think) but it is on two sides.

Work, came in and made a lot of phone calls to make sure everyone is alright, so far no one has lost their place yet but we do have a couple of people stuck on the other side of the fire line. Still getting the records ready for the inspection that's going on next week of my unit. The team musters again at 1.

If you're have to leave your house, don't forget your cell phone charger and your laptop, this is where you wished you had a car cell phone charger too (I do). Think about where you're going to be sleeping tonight or today, sunscreen and make sure you have plenty of drinking water.

Stats so far? 300,000 people homeless, 700 homes plus homes burned and 245,000 acres up in smoke in just 3 days. The Cedar fire had only 50,000 people evacuated but unlike that fire which had 22 deaths, we've only had one death so far. It looks like it might be slowing down a bit but that could all change.

Some other bloggers I know out here FBL is feeling the heat, some houses in her area have gone up, I know Lex has a house someplace out here too. Dagoddess's family all had to move, she might have lost her last place which isn't to bad since she doesn't live there anymore.

Some other fire post can be found at Cat Dirt Sez, The Moderate Voice, Howling Point and Criticalmas. Blatantly stolen from the San Diego Blog :)

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