Friday, October 12, 2007

MCAS Miramar Airshow

Being a medical dude, one thing all of us get stuck doing is working the airshow. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, on Friday and Sunday usually 0530 till 1600 (5:30AM till 4PM) and Saturday 0530 till 2200 (5:30AM till 10 at night, bleh).

This year being a first class I got pulled for other duties, namely cooking hotdogs at a hotdog stand. We had lots of volunteers this year from all sorts of different medical commands so a lot of the senior enlisted are being pulled to run fund raising booths.

Today wasn’t quite so busy as tomorrow is going to be and I’ve posted a bunch of pictures HERE. If you’re at the airshow, look for me at a hot dog booth across from the F-35. I’m off to get some rest, have a good weekend.

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