Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sometimes real life takes over Cyberlife

In a nutshell, I've been busy with life, not the interesting fun kind but the dreary mundane paperwork, heavy lifting lots of driving life. And each time I come home, my brain has been drained and my blog writing has suffered. It don't mean that I'm quitting blogging by any means just that blogging has gone on the back burner while I take care of my present life.

Here's a snap shot, the housing crisis that's going on? My sister was caught up in the middle of it and then got sick and had to have a fairly intensive surgery that put her out of commission for a couple of months and she lost her house. I've been the go between in getting her set up in someplace cheaper in Arizona with her kids and helping them move. Last weekend, I drove a 26 foot U-haul full of their stuff across the desert one day, unloaded it the next and on Monday (my birthday) drove back across the desert. You have to take care of family.

My unit is about to get a Commanding Generals Inspection (which I should have worked on last weekend but was driving), so when I'm not making long long road trips, my work hours have extending far into the night plus I got pulled to work an EMT crew for the fires which pulled me away from my regular job. The records look good and I probably have the prettiest CGI binder on base but that's only because I'm actually pretty good at this stuff but they are far from the perfection that I normally expect out of myself.

I'm in a leadership position right now but for jobs like this, I like keeping my fingers in on the pulse of how everything is going, I have some great corpsman working for me but they're all have their own squadrons. They're a good crew and do an amazing job but they are already working their tails off. I'm not going to pull them from their primary duties to work on mine when I know I can do it and still make it shine.

My Chief has got pulled away by a family emergency and believe me, I'd rather be doing what I'm doing now, then be in his shoes, he definitely could use some prayers. I'm shouldering many of his tasks with the help of another Chief but even the both of us aren't quite equal to the job he handled. I'm hanging but I'm finding all sorts of moving parts that are involved with getting a MAG ready for deployment.

And I'm moving too.

This all adds up to a thin stretched out Sean who doesn't have much time to write and is sometimes a little snappish. Being in the military, there are going to be times like this, they don't last forever, you just have to hold on till its over without flying apart and if you do it good, you'll shine and it will show on evals. Like everything else, I'll get by this and go whew, glad that's over with.

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