Saturday, November 10, 2007

What some other people are saying about Band of Bloggers

Just a Grunt wrote this

My good buddy Kasee wrote this and then did this great round up this morning here

MoFiZix Gr4FiX had this to say

But Wait, Hearts and Hates Colby, hah.

We all know ALa loves Colby, she rounds us all up including calling me the awesome Doc in the Box and dropping a picture of her and Colby, thanks:)

Pilgrim thought they did a good job

and that's it for my round up this morning. I problem myself and other bloggers say with the show is that they didn't included the screen names nor the name of the blogs. Other then that, it was great, looking forward to the next chapter.

Well, I'm off to Knotts Berry Farm to take advantage of this months free military thing they do every year:) Have a good weekend, next showtime is at noon my time (check your local listings first).

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