Sunday, April 13, 2008

Break down.

I’ve complained about my laptop for the past year or so, battery had gone out on it, the fan was making strange sounds and it was having problems processing anything. So I cleaned out the fan, added another gig of ram and got the biggest battery they make for my model and why?

A while back, being the unit photo dude, I was asked by one of my higher ups to make up a mid deployment unit video and started putting my pictures and video footage together and ran into a snag, even with the 2 gigs of RAM from Newegg I had purchased, my computer still wasn’t cutting it. My new camera’s video footage was more then the poor thing could handle and each time I added something new, it would lock up for hours at a time which caused my brain to start melting down.

So the other day, I got fed up, walked over to the exchange and purchased a Toshiba Satellite X205-S9800 with a 512 Video Card, basically a gaming laptop 4 or 5 times faster then anything I have ever owned and paying 200 dollars more then they were selling it on Newegg because I needed it right then and there, $1449, ack! That’s more then I’ve paid for at least 6 of my vehicles and more then I’ve paid for 3 of them put together.

But man, this thing flies and I got home and found out it only cost 72 bucks to max out the RAM to 4 gigs, yup, clicked on that button too. Video editing suddenly was a somewhat pleasurable thing again, now I just need to get a bag to protect the thing when I start lugging it’s 9 and a half pound behemoth weight around. My old one is going over to my wife’s care so I can’t offer it to anybody, at least for what she does, it will work with the 2 gigs of RAM and the new double sized battery.

For now, I’m as happy as a clam, if a somewhat poorer clam and the squadron video has been completed and for those who sent me care packages, expect a copy sometime in the mail. 32 minutes of audio and visual goodness. Have a good night everyone, I have to go catch up on some zzz’s.

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