Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Head in the Sand, Eye on the Lens

Sorry about not raising it up, I’m in the middle of working on the unit midterm cruise book video and the project has taken up a rather large footprint on my brain. By virtue of being the guy behind the camera, I tend to get caught in the side jobs of putting all of the pictures I took together into a cohesive whole. It’s a little bit of pressure on me because it’s not one of those jobs someone gets trained at doing, just something I’ve picked up over time.

Each time I do a new project, I add to my skill set and gather up newer more expensive equipment but nothing can really cut the time back on looking at thousands of pictures and videos and putting them all together. I’m imagining (dreaming about a day) sometime in the future that I’ll be able gather a geeky representative from each shop and give them a class on how to make movies and let them choose and gather what footage they want to use off of the share drive and how to put it into a movie and we can go over each others work. Alas, this time it is not to be.

While personally I do take more pictures then everybody else in my unit, but there are swaths of people who I hardly ever see unless I send out an email saying that I need to give them a shot. Some of the officers rarely emerge out of their Batcaves and stalking them like paparazzi doesn’t really work. Waiting in the bushes for that ring of the Batphone to call them out, blinking in the unfamiliar bright light is just a waste of time.

Besides, the stalking thing only works in Hollywood. Out here? I’ll probably have security folks jump me and beat me with sticks till I cry for momma and drag me away in zip ties (no they don’t beat people with sticks, that’s just my overactive imagination after watching the new Rambo movie). That doesn’t raise any of my fun alarms.

Well back to my music video grind, hopefully I can get my codex’s working so my computer can stop crashing. My S-6 (IT guys), tell me that I’m wasting my talents in the medical field because I understand their world better then some of them. Who knows, maybe I’ll go down that route when I grow up.

Happy hump day everyone!

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