Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Spring Break in San Diego

I got my orders on Tuesday to report to VFA-113 in Lemoore at the end of May so the bride and I spent this week checking out the sights of San Diego while she took her Spring Break. The upcoming week will be spent looking into the move and where I’m going to live after I transfer while we used the prior week saying our goodbye’s to San Diego.

If you’re in the military down here, whale watching only costs 8 bucks at ITT which is much cheaper than the 25-30 dollars that you pay at the pier. Our trip, we went 13 miles out and saw 11 whales, fin whales and humpbacks, the captain said it was a good day. The season is ending soon so you might want to hurry, the 2 hour harbor cruises are also 8 bucks and are not a bad deal either.

Gatsby and I are going to miss all of the dog beaches in the area, hours spent tossing a ball in the water and racing up and down the sand. Taking him out on all of the hiking trails and forcing me to explore my neighborhood foot by foot has given me some great insight on the area. New neighborhoods for us to explore I guess.

On trade off, the drive to see the bride much shorter, my son Collin is a 33 dollar Amtrak trip away, there are all sorts of interesting community festivals that go on in the central valley. I have half a decade till I hit my 20 year mark and have to start thinking about what to do when this path reaches its end.

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