Thursday, March 05, 2009

Without Orders

I'm in a sort of a limbo, a while ago, I said that I was going to Fallon. And those future orders are what my near future plans were orbiting around. Then I got a phone call asking if I would like to go to Lemoore instead (where I originally wanted to go) and quickly said yes and was told that I would get my orders shortly. That was a month ago.

So now I'm just waiting for orders to tell me where and when to go. Co-workers keep telling me I should be upset but I just feel resigned, this sort of stuff is par for my course.

I don't think there is bad intent involved or else I could have an excuse to be angry. I just feel into a perfect storm of what's available, the budget and the needs of the Navy. This is sort of my excuse for not writing lately because all I've just felt is "blah".

Maybe my writing needs more blank time like I have right now. I'm currently waiting for a monthly counselling and only have my Blackberry to entertain myself with and this blog is in need of some serious attention. Maybe I'll get back to my writing soon.

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