Monday, December 13, 2004

Hire me and other holiday wishes!

I'm about to change jobs and in case that doesn't work out I've posted my Resume online, I'd hire me!

This is my last week up in the Mojave Desert, sometime before Christmas I'll be looking back at it in my rearview mirror. Whew! Spending some time with my family for the holidays and starting a new chapter in my life. Said my final good by to Doc today, he has a long drive back to Ohio sometime in the near future. Thanks for all the hard work, great medical training and cool techo geek knowledge that you shared. Still think you should go into the writing business! Good luck sir!

I'm taking my first real vacation in years, going to Thailand and visiting the rest of the family on my mom's side. Don't worry there is sure to be some pictures posted here and there. Get back from there and check in at Mira Mar and shipped off to the same place I was before with a new unit and new skipper, don't know how the blogging is going to be till I get there though.

Before any of you get sad for me, I made this choice, the question was asked directly to me. Would I be willing to go forward right after I check in? My answer was "Yes sir". I'm not being screwed, there is a place out there where my skills are needed, I'm not much for bitching about something I volunteered for. Don't be sad for me, save it for the people that are unwilling and fight tooth and nail to stay back. Who do you think is going to come out of this more traumatized? Not me. Not that I would want a chickenshit like that covering my 6 anyway. Good riddance I say!

Regular readers have probably noticed that I am a fairly liberal milblogger, not as liberal as some, but being liberal doesn't mean you're a coward or that you skirt your duties. I'm also a supporter of peace yet also a member of the worlds most elite fighting force. Don't attach stereotypes to us. Military members come from all walks of life and we have different outlooks on the world at large. I believe my core values will hold up with the best of them. I'm a complex person, just like the rest of you. I don't always agree with our missions but I signed on the dotted line and once my name was on that piece of paper, when the brass says jump, I say how high. Milblogs has gave me a place to voice my opinion and I don't hide who I am, I'm a true middle of the road gray person, I don't get riled up by many issues but if I do feel strongly about something you'll probably be reading about it here. I don't attack people but I do attack ideas. And I believe that people do need to get along but we can't get to that point till we take the wackjobs out of the equation. Freedom is being able to say and believe in what you want and turn around is fair play, you have to let others believe and say what they want without harassment. That's the major problem today. It all falls back to people just need to get along. Only takes one terrorist worm to screw up the rest of the apples. The quicker we're out of this after establishing a peace, the better we and the rest of the world will be. It's not going to happen without people like me or the rest of the milbloggers that are willing to put their lives on hold for a long time in the face of possible death. So when you're sitting at the dinner table on Christmas day with all of your family is spread around you, it would be nice to send a few prayers our way, we could surely use them.

And also check out some of the support sites in my links section, my last trip over there, they're great organizations that gave me awesome amounts of support.

Wish you all the happiest of Holidays for I know mine is going to be magical!

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