Saturday, May 14, 2005

Get an external and use it or suffer like I...

I’ve been preaching for a while that every computer user should have an external hard drive. For things such as, backing up your computer, copying the music that your buddy spent the last 5 years stealing in under an hour or if you can’t afford your own lap top, externals are really cheap and usually work well with your work computer!

Couple of days ago my fairly new laptop decided something was running in the background that it didn’t like and refused to work until I reinstalled everything. Egad! I had busted up the power supply to my external and hadn’t backed up in a month! A month of pictures! Gone… Games of Doom III and Half-life 2 that I was almost but not quite done with! Gone… At least I do have some the lost pictures (small percentage/low quality) on my fotopage. Well, looking at the bright side, my computer is back to being the speed demon that I pulled out of the box last October and I was able to start with fresh copies of all the anti-virus software. I have 30 thousand plus pictures already sitting the external, the future is big, I’m sure I’ll be taking more. Life must be going really good if my computer crashing hard and losing a 1000 or so pictures is only an inconvenience and not cause to panic.

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