Monday, May 02, 2005

Hit and miss, house hunting and movies

Went out to see Hitchhiker’s with Frank and James, very old friends from back in my crazy MCAS El Toro days. Frank has been a huge follower of Douglas for a long time but James wasn’t really interested so we vowed to welcome him to the fold. Know what? The tickets were sold out, figures. So we just hung out and caught up on life which was good too.

Most of the weekend, James and I have been house hunting and house hunting is for the birds. This stuff wears me out but it looks like we found a fairly nice place, owners are really nice and the place is gorgeous. Can’t wait to move in (hopefully).

Sunday after a weekend of combing through homes and finally deciding on one, it was time to take a break and a movie sounded good. Since I didn't think James would have got the full appreaciation out of Doug's little project. I wisely chose to take Tragic to see it next weekend, putting it off for a week won't kill me and unlike James, she is a SciFi geek like me. So we watched Sahara and it wasn’t too shabby of a movie at all. I used to read Clive way back in high school but gradually moved away from him. Maybe I’ll have to start again, for an action movie, it was intelligently put together and the director balanced the many moving parts into a seamless whole. Funny at parts, even at it’s most outlandish moments, they pulled it off in such a way to make it seem plausible. The critics gave it mixed reviews but the audience gave it 4 and a half stars, not to bad. I'll have to be a sheep on this one and agree with the latter.

Oh and I posted pictures of my trip to Arizona with Tragic

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