Monday, May 30, 2005

Graduation from San Jose State

Arrived in San Jose on Friday night and went out to pre graduation dinner with Tragic’s family at Buca di Beppo, I can tell already we’re going to get along good, we made the decision at the last minute and had to wait an hour and a half to get in, then it took another 40 minutes or so for the dinner to arrive and an hour to make a sizable dent in it. Note to self; don’t pick Buca di Beppo if you’re in a hurry to do anything! Food was great though.

Her graduation was set to go off at 9 the next morning, we arrived at 7:45 and I think there were all of maybe 50 people there, maybe one or two in caps and gowns. The graduation went off without a hitch and I took many many pictures. Then home for a BBQ with her extended family.

Sunday we drove up to see my son Collin in Sacramento, saw Madagascar which was pretty funny then wondered around his town for the afternoon. I’m still someone shocked that Tragic is still so in love with me, considering how many practical pranks that the devil makes me do! Collin had brought a couple of cans of Crazy String and as she was opening the door to the car, I squirted her right as she was about to get in, she yelped and got airborne for a second or two. Later in the day, she did get me back as I was getting in but I was sort of expecting it. She’ll get back at me soon I bet. We had a good time, thanks for the Marble Slab Ice Cream hun!

Today, packing and getting ready for our trip down to SD. Happy Memorial day everyone.

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