Monday, May 15, 2006

Milbloggers Live

Sorry about the lack of posting but I've actually been a bit busy taking courses online and working on a warfare device that I've been slacking off. But enough of me, the great milblog fathers have come together to do a group blog called Milblogs (imagine that!), none of us are quitting our day jobs but we're using this as a forum to toss ideas back and fourth. I've had the honor of being of being invited and have already done a post. Check it out, some good stuff going on. Other then the added work, life out here isn't too bad, still have all of my limbs, my wife writes me daily and the food doesn't give me the runs. What more can you ask for?

Let me catch up on some sleep and I'll post something of substance, take care and have a great week!

PS people who have sent me care packages, Thanks! You guys and gals are the greatest!

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