Friday, May 05, 2006

Labor of Love

We’ve been at this base a little over 3 years in some form or another and each unit to roll through here has left books behind. Fast forward to the present, our unit has a couple thousand books spread out through a couple different buildings on stacked 3 deep on shelves and in boxes.

Being the reader that I am, it was driving me nuts so I finally got off of my rear and did something about it.

Started off with making some shelves out of the crap we had with the help of Sgt Elka and Sgt Delacruz. Took most of a day to tear everything down then it was time to make order of the chaos. So I started to put everything in alphabetical order, for a week, Marines were coming by ever few minutes, saying “who did you piss off?”, “that’s crazy trying to get all of that in order”, “that’s going to take forever”. I replied with “I’m doing this because I want too”.

I went around to all of the different places we had books stashed, pulled whatever letter I was working on and hauled it back to be put in order.

While I was doing this, several thoughts rose in my head. Why in the heck do people send so many romances? How many copies do we need of this book or that? What happened to all of the good science fiction/fantasy? We definitely had an excess of romances, so I gathered up the cheesiest of them and donated them to the book collection of a fellow unit one night and saved several small stacks to stash in some of the desks of some rather gung-ho Marines. I did leave some but they had to have at least good reviews or be on a best sellers list. I took all of the duplicates and put in a box for later donation to some other in need except for ones that I’ve read and thought were really good, which I let keep two of. Send more S/F/Fantasy!

I separated the books into 5 groups, fiction, non fiction, horror, science fiction/fantasy and hardbacks. Here’s a picture of one of the 3 shelves. No I haven’t arranged the hard backs yet but the bulk is done. Anyone want to hire a librarian without a master’s degree in library science? I’ve got the love and talent. Take care everyone.

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