Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dead Like Me?

Being the bad influence I am, I've got two of my coworkers addicted to the Showtime series Dead Like Me, they can't get enough of it. I have yet to tell them that it only goes for 2 seasons before being taken away by some evil reapers and sent to dead TV land. By the way, thank you hun and Lee for hooking me on the series, Sherwin and Stacey thank you too, I haven't started working on Chris yet.

Now that I'm in the middle of watching it the second time, I'm impressed with the cleaver sculpting that went into the script. Definite black comedy that has more to do with life then death that the show is about. It expresses the joys of living, the pain of loss and the path to redemption, how would you choose to live if you had a second chance?

The main character George is played by Ellen Muth, she dies when she gets hit by a toilet seat that fell from the Mir space station and is surprised to find herself looking at the crater of where her body is lying and learning that she's become one of a large contingent of grim reapers. There are reapers for everything, suicide, cancer, old age and the small group she belongs to does accidents which are caused by creepy gremlin looking things called Gravelings.

George still has ties to her living life and can't seem to stop herself from visiting it but along with becoming a reaper, her face has changed so no one recognizes her. Reapers don't get paid so they have to take side jobs (one of them is a meter maid) or steal from the people that they reap. George finds the latter distasteful so she goes back to the job she worked at for a couple hours before she died and reapplies and finds herself in working a cubical like in the comic strip Dilbert under her new name "Millie".

She fills this unlikely role of death to a tee, she's punky, stubborn, lost at times and eventually finds herself over the length of the series. Her "Whatever" attitude is refreshing and the dialog will stay with you long after the show is over.

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