Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter in Iraq

This is my third Easter in a row in country, altogether just another work day. The only reason I noticed was because the guy on the bus said, "What in the heck are all of those people doing on the bleachers?" and I said, "Oh, it must be Easter Mass."

We're already losing track of the days. I have my outlook calendar send me reminders of when I need to send in reports and such but I'm not crossing off the days as they go. Counting down days till we get back is like watching water boil; I prefer taking the deployment one day at a time. There are good days and bad. If you take the whole deployment at once, you're guaranteed to have more bad ones.

Lately I've been working out and trying to get rid of this small child that I have growing in my midsection. Good thing about being with a Marine unit, there is never a shortage of people that are willing to help you torture your body back into top notch fighting form. So after a few days of running around and checking out the more boring aspects of the base, one step at a time, I am now sore and have been walking with a decidedly stiff manner (thanks Doc!) Give me a couple more days to recover before you start at me with the sticks again.

Maybe by the time we get home, I'll have a lean and hard physique to show off to the beautiful wife.

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