Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lucky charms and handling the heat

Throughout the history of wars, soldiers have gone in to battle carrying something on their person to bring them luck. Everyone out here has their lucky charms, me being a reading fool, my lucky charm is this picture of my wife which I use as a book mark so I'm looking at her smiling face throughout the day.

It's starting to heat up and some of the people on their first trip out are complaining about the high temperatures. I don't think it's that hot yet but I'm using the secret technique of basking in the sun. You twist your thinking around so it doesn't seem so hot out and imagine lizard thoughts floating around your head. Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but it works. That is until something breaks my mental state and I have to rush or am surprised by something and then sweat breaks out. Then I have to rebuild those mental walls and reset my inner temperature to handle the outer.

No, I haven't lost it, after 3 time out here and you pick up habits to help you survive the local conditions. Life is good, I've been receiving care packages from Boatsie's Boxes and Josh Wright has been a great advocate for hooking me up to some great care package deals. I've received a letter almost every day from my wife and have called her nightly. I'm blessed with the support I receive.

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