Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Another day in Paradise

First month is over with and most our the bugs have been shaken out. My medical team is all set on their schedule and life doesn’t seem all that bad. I’m working a swing shift so I never get to seem my room with the lights on. My rack is a cave covered with poncho liners that lets in no light (and hopefully bugs too). It has it’s good points and bad, I’m off everyone else’s schedule so I never have to stand in the same lines and it gives me more alone time (which I fill with reading). But it also means I’m off every one else’s schedule so when ever something happens I have to wake up in the middle of my sleep cycle to be there. Most of the time though, I'm just chilling back.

I bought a be happy present for my wife, a black pearl jewelry set, ring, necklace and ear rings, after talking to her tonight, I think she likes them. I look forward to seeing her in them when I get back. Take care everyone and hope you all are doing well.

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