Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I wanted to say a few words of thanks to the people who have been sending me out some wonderful care packages:

First person on the list is my wonderful wife, I've got a hand written letter from her almost daily and an email, numerous post cards and all sorts of care package goodies that I didn't even think I needed till it arrived in the mail. I sometimes have a hard time believing my good fortune to be married to this amazing girl. She's everything I imagined and more in a partner and I'm very grateful that she's mine. Thank you my beautiful flower, I love you.

Next on my list is a Native Texan who lives in the Oki, Vicky Brown sent out a box full of medium and large tee-shirts saying "CORPSMAN OF MARINES" and a couple other boxes full of goodies, toys and gag gifts. From all of us here, thank you.

Ori Pomerantz sent out a box full of science fiction books and a new copy of The Two-Space War by Dave Grossman which I just got done reading. I don't think I've read more naval history and battle tactics slipped into a science fiction novel before. Dave is a teacher of the psychology and physiology of combat and by reading this novel, you can tell he knows what he's talking about. Good book Dave, have already started on the next one. Ori said if any other deployed folk our here want a copy email him ori at and he'll be happy to send a copy out. Thanks for the support Ori.

Ariane also sent me a box with 30 or so fantasy books which have swelled our shelves much, I haven't heard back from her so I'm not going to use her full name, thank you very much though!

Both of you made the book readers in our squadron very happy, don't worry, they're being put to good use.
Linda Swinford of Helmetliner sent 300 or so neck coolers that are being used daily by our air crew, thank you very much.

Deb Field of Powell Goldstein LLC in Atlanta GA had a stack of boxes sitting here for all of us when I arrived with lots of good stuff inside, thanks!

I didn't get quite a million letters but I did get a box full that I passed around from and I wrote to no less then ten people out of the box.

Last but definitely not least, Josh Wright of Downey CA who is a Marine at heart gave many of these folk my name and sent out a couple of boxes of goodies and care packages, thanks!

While reading the news, you might see a decline in support numbers for the President there are still lots of people out there supporting the troops and speaking as a guy on the ground, we do appreciate it. All of you have been great, thank you.

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