Monday, June 19, 2006

I’ve lost my Muse

I've realized that I'm a night time writer, all of the thoughts of the day run through my head right before I go bed.  Reading a post on another blog (Anti-girl's, she's on MySpace) I knew what my problem was, I was typing most of my writing before I went to bed.  My body does a flush of everything that I thought about and before I started blogging, I would lie in bed tossing and turning each night, thoughts running through my head, not being able to get to sleep.

I'm on the day shift now and I leave my lap top at the office because you can't take bags in most for the buildings plus I don't really need the wear and tear on the laptop.   Not to mention that it's a bazillion degrees out there and I don't want my laptop to melt into a puddle of plastic.  
I don't have my laptop at bedtime so all of the angst of the day gets focused on the letters that I have been writing to wife each night, sealed in an envelope and mailed the following morning.  Thoughts, words, dreams that are for her eyes only and never to appear on the internet.
Now I just have to figure out how to get a daytime muse.
PS I'm trying to post from an email address, lets see how this works

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