Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rocks and water bottles

A couple of months ago my unit got a bright idea to string camo netting over the port-a-johns to keep them out of the direct sunlight making them a few degrees cooler inside.  It actually works.


Earlier today, I was doing my business in one of them and a prankster Marine noticed me going in there and started throwing rocks at the door to make me jump.  After all of the time I've had pranks pulled on myself, it takes more then a few bangs to make me jump and wet myself, specially when I watched him doing the deed though the air vent screen at the top of my port-a-john.  He then jumped into another one 5 feet away to hide (Amatures).


With the camo netting hanging down over the front, it tends to get caught up in the doors when they close.  Over the last few days I've also noticed a  full water bottle sitting next to the road that we have all been pointedly ignoring.  Without even thinking about it, I picked it up, took off the lid and placed it in the camo netting hanging over the door.  


And said, "I know you're in there Vic, you might as well come out now cause I saw you throwing the rocks", in a sort of mean tone of voice (which I really have to work at, I'm not much for yelling or getting mad).


He opened the door and the open water bottle poured right on his head, it couldn't have worked out better (maybe if I had brought out my camera on video mode).


I don't know where this talent for evil deeds comes from but it sure can be entertaining (yes, he did get a camel spider on his lap a couple of weeks ago).

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