Saturday, June 24, 2006


   It went like this, I was sitting in my office typing up a report, thinking, "boy, I am sure tired and I really need to pee" when a Marine ran into the office screaming, "Someone fell off the aircraft and is unconscious!" in a very panicked tone of voice.  I responded with the good old, "Oh shit!" and grabbed my bag and a stretcher and ran out of the office, on the way out I yelled into mantaince control to call 911 and right then our XO calmly said, "this is only a drill".  

   So me and that SSgt jumped into a gator and tore off to the flight line, damn, I forgot my cranial!  (We're supposed to wear head protection if we're driving in the gator).  We get out to the aircraft about a minute after they made the call and the supposed unconscious guy started throwing out different scenarios, asking how we would respond to each.  Guess we did okay, good response time and knew the proper answers to say (I have been doing this for all of my adult life).  We drove back to maintaince control and debriefed the XO and went over what we were supposed to do after a mishap like this.  The SSgt then told me that he had thought it was real until the XO had said it was a drill.  

   I noticed that the feeling of having to pee had totally disappeared and I was wide awake.   I need to do this kind of stuff more often.  

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